The Importance of Accountability for Optimal Customer Experience

The competitive landscape for business is growing, clients are only as loyal as their last interaction.

As businesses, we all need to stop talking about making a customer the centre of our universe, but rather implement sound strategies that genuinely reduce customer churn and improve retention, while laying the foundation to increase our client wallet share.

To a large extent, many businesses are not getting this 100% right and there is so much opportunity to differentiate your brand by creating an exceptional customer experience. 

Let’s keep each other accountable and ask ourselves:

·         What are we doing to ensure we are going above and beyond to help our customers future proof their businesses especially in these uncertain times?

·         Are we personalising our engagement?

·         Are we providing constant value?

·         Can our customers get in touch on the right channels when they need to?

·         Are we solving our customer needs as quickly as possible with the right mix of people, process and technology? 

·         Are we creating customer feedback loops to optimise how we structure our customer engagement strategies?

·         And most importantly – are we learning from our mistakes and continuously implementing better processes?

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