CallForce has designed this highly interactive platform to upskill, empower and improve our agent’s skills through our digitised learning management portal.

We provide fast and easy access on the learning journey, empowering agents to achieve exceptional results!

Unique Approach to Learning…

Our unique approach to learning and empowering our staff, combined with a facilitated blended training approach puts our staff at the centre of all learning experiences. This aligns strongly with our value that people always comes first!

Easy Access…

Experience has assisted staff to achieve optimal performance results by using the CallForce learning portal to enhance their digital learning journey.


On an easy to navigate platform which allows agents to interact with their trainers, managers and colleagues. They study and engage with the interactive course content and complete assessments online.

Start your
learning journey

Our agents are encouraged to start each new learning journey with an aim to equip themselves with practical and relevant skills to successfully advance their careers. Our virtual classroom has customised courses designed for them, delivered in a blended format to optimise employee and impact on their performance.