Challenging our Outsourcing Mindset

As we challenge our Outsourcing mindset, here are some of the key observations from lock down:

→ Customers are comfortable dealing with technology and self-help processes for lower level complexity issues, but intelligent, emotive human interaction is imperative for the optimal customer experience with your brand.

→ Data usage saw an initial spike, but with the use of monitoring tools, inefficiencies have been identified. Reports can be supplied by mobile service providers for visibility on the inappropriate use of the data.

→ Legacy contact centre infrastructures need to be updated to future proof your business – high levels of digital data security and compliance are critical for an effective work-from-home solution.

→ The recruitment process needs to evolve – there needs to be more emphasis on the agent’s self-motivated abilities rather than their experience.

→ Training needs to be digitised and easily accessible to ensure agents are empowered to provide your customers with a consistent, brand-aligned experience.

→ Performance management through digital communication and gamification have proven to be hugely successful.

We need to remember that there is not a one size fits all approach—each campaign needs careful consideration around whether a traditional bricks and mortar environment or a remote solution would work best, which agents are best suited for a WFH model and most importantly what innovative solutions do clients need to succeed in our “new world”.

We are an agile and flexible nation, and this coupled with a powerful local and international BPO network presents an exciting time for growth of the global business services market in South Africa.

I am excited to be a part of the solution to grow more jobs in SA as we embrace our “new normal”.

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