Placing people at the centre of the BPO revolution...

With 19 years of experience in the Contact Centre Sector, CallForce Outsourcing Specialists is perfectly placed to provide BPO solutions to a market increasingly driven by technology to provide for expectations of exceptional customer experience.

According to CallForce’s managing director Candice Roberts, CallForce has, from its inception in 2000 as a provider of staff to the contact centre industry,  placed people above all else. “We started the company with a view to providing a safe place for those looking to enter the job market; understanding that they are vulnerable and need support and encouragement.

“Even with the cutting-edge technology we use today, the principle of ‘humans at our core’ is a fundamental driver in the services we offer our clients.”

According to Roberts, the shift from being a provider of staff to the  contact centre industry to actually running contact centres, has provided CallForce with the ability to optimise the efficiency of its agents, by effectively analysing the factors that define  the suitability of each individual to his or her role.

“When your passion is the human being and you are controlling the process end-to-end, your focus is always on how to empower the individual,” she says, adding that this starts with the interview process and continues into the work environment and beyond; influencing the outcomes and treatment of people to ensure a great employee experience.

Roberts belongs to Endeavor, an international non-profit organisation that supports high-impact entrepreneurs in developing countries. This gave her the impetus to move into the BPO space. “With changes to labour legislation in 2014, we evaluated our business model and structure and Endeavor facilitated professional services from Deloitte through their network to assist us.

“We already had so many facets of BPO in place – recruitment, training, payroll and HR management – so the transition was really just adding on infrastructure and technology.”

While it is generally perceived that the technology will provide the biggest challenge, Roberts says that it is a “massive enabler, which really makes it one of the most exciting parts”.