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Why our employees and clients love us and why you will too…

Here at CallForce, our employees are our biggest asset!

A loving workplace is a happy, productive workplace, and it all starts at the top. But it isn’t enough to simply want to be loving… it requires strategy, planning and deliberate effort.

Here are a few ways in which CallForce shows our employees/team that we love them; and how you can too:

  • Challenge them
  • Recognize them as individuals
  • Learn their stories
  • Make yourself available
  • Be real with them
  • Run monthly incentive programs

See some testimonials below from our tutors and clients:


  • In the 10 years working with CallForce they have never let us down. No matter the challenge given.
  • We recommend them as a People Partner
    Martin Grunewald
    BSV Integrated Solutions


  • CallForce’s experience in providing managing skilled resources, has proved invaluable to our Call Center and has allowed us to focus on our core business.
  • CallForce strives for the highest quality of service and work ethic on more than one occasion.
  • We would highly recommend their services
    Rashiela Changelryan
    CS Operations Manager


TutorABC can only rate our experience with CallForce as excellent. Their recommendations are of high quality and trustworthy.

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