Analytics and Reporting

Part of the Workforce Management is real time reporting. Real time reporting is a business intelligence practice whereby we gather up to the minute data. This enables us to schedule at a hourly or 30 min intervals.

  • Dashboards
  • Weekly and Monthly Conversion rates and activations
  • Active monitoring of  Staff performance
  • Real time reporting
  • Communicate trend analysis to the marketing team to factor into their promotions etc
  • Advanced analytics
  • Trend Analysis

Workforce Management

We have a Workforce Management system that is used to optimise the productivity of our employees. It involves effectively forecasting our labour requirements and creating and managing staff schedules to meet the demand on a day to day and hourly basis. The system enables us to gain insights in staff requirements, volume of calls and scheduling the correct number of agents at the right time to handle the expected call volumes. The benefit of the WFM system includes improved employee efficiency, lower operational costs, effective time management and customer service.